What is the minimum contract amount?
The minimum contract amount is $300 as of February 2023. This is to ensure that my services remain of the highest quality while also giving you the quickest turnaround time possible.
What are your payment terms?
A 50% deposit is required to lock in your shoot with the final payment made prior to your photos being released. Before the final payment is made, you will be able to view and propose adjustments to the photos. All payments should be made via PayPal.
Do You Provide on Model Photography?
My model availability is limited to female hand/arm modeling at this time.
What Are the Technical Specs I Should Know?
I will provide you with the option to choose which file format you would like, JPG, PNG, or TIFF.
I will always provide you with the highest-quality photo. Please let me know ahead of time if you want me to scale the picture to specific proportions.
What kind of product preparation do you do?
Before photographing the product, I will clean it of dust and smudges. Please only send unused, new items. If your item is handcrafted, please make sure it has been cleaned prior to delivery. By sending your items to be photographed, you give me permission to remove retail tags and/or other packing components as needed to take the desired photographs.
What Is the Average Turnaround Time?
The average photo arrival for 20 photos or less is within 10 business days of the product's arrival at my studio. 
Rush orders can be performed twice as quickly and take up to 3 business days to complete at a 50% surcharge. 
How Do I Get My Product to You?
You can ship your package via any shipping carrier to my studio address. Once the project has been completed you may send me a USPS, FedEx, or UPS return shipping label to mail your products back. You may also request that I keep the item for up to 6 months for future projects.
Can I Send You Examples of What I Would Like My Photos to Turn Out Like?
Yes! Any and all information is welcome to assist me to understand your branding and idea for the photographs. Examples should not be demonstrated by 3D models or overly-photoshopped photographs.
Can I Be Present During the Shoot?
Unfortunately, I would be unable to collaborate with the client during the shoot. I have set rates for my services, which means I spend a set amount of time on each photo. When the client joins in the shooting process, the process takes much longer and the fixed price per picture approach no longer works.
Can I give you a call to discuss the shoot?
Unfortunately, given my present schedule and projects, I am unable to take calls. All conversations, extra material, or special instructions should be in writing for proper workflow organization and performance. This is the best way to prevent misunderstandings or circumstances in which information has been missed.
What if I'm not pleased with the photos?
The client is responsible for providing specific instructions that do not leave anything to interpretation or speculation. The best experiences are had by clients who understand their vision and take the time to supply thoughtful directions. Please keep in mind that if you do not tell me how you want your photographs to look, you will most likely be charged for any potential adjustments.
Do You Provide Adjustments?
All photographs include one adjustment if necessary within 5 business days from the time the photos were sent, any further adjustments will be made on an hourly basis of $40 per hour. Make sure to provide clear directions in the form of a complete structured list of edits including images with marked areas that need to be changed.
How long will the files be available?
All photographs will be available on Dropbox for 6 months. Please download your images before the end of the sixth month.
Do you provide videography services?
Yes, I currently offer short-form videography for use on social media.
How long can you hold onto the product?
If requested, I will hold your product for up to 6 months after the last shooting date.
How do I contact you?
Please contact me with any questions via the contact page or via this link: https://thehstudio.com/contact
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